It’s on the high Peruvian dunes that the cars started today the second sector of Rally Dakar. First on the road in front of the motorbikes, it was definitely a day where the navigation was more than important. Everything went well for Mikko and Andrea as they set the 7th fastest time. They end the second day at the 7th position overall, pretty satisfied about this start.

“As expected, this stage was very challenging with tricky dune sections. It was a really positive day as we learned a lot about the car. On one waypoint we lost around two minutes but other than that, we are really happy about this stage!

Day 2:

Total distance : 278 km

SS2 : 267 km

Times SS2 #Dakar2018

1.Depres 2:56.51

2.Peterhansel +48s

3.Loeb +3m08s

4.De Villiers +7m26s

5.Terranova +12m53s

6.Sainz +13m09s

7.Hirvonen +13m50s

8.Al-Attiyah +14m51s


Overall Classification after SS2 #Dakar2018

1.Depres 3:21.18

2.Peterhansel +27s

3.De Villiers +5m44s

4.Loeb +6m09s

5.Al-Attiyah +12m15s

6.Terranova +12m50s

7.Hirvonen +12m50s

8.Sainz +13m12s