Total Distance : 726 km

Timed section : 425 km

Definitely the most difficult day for Mikko and his co-driver Andrea. They had to repair the car at the beginning of the stage and they complete SS7 after nine hours on the road.

“What a day it was again…” said the Finn.  “We had an electrical problem which we were fixing about two hours. After that, we could take the road again and ended the last 100 km of SS7 (425 km) in the dark with brakes problems. But it’s Dakar and these things are part of the game. Today we go again stronger than ever.”


⏱ SS7 (425 km) 

1. Sainz 4h49m26s

2. De Villiers +12m05s

3. Al Attiyah +14m19s

4. Przygonski +20m56s

5. Prokop +23m57s

6. Alvarez +28m49s

7. Ten Brink +31m33s

38. Hirvonen +4h12m00s


After SS7

1. Sainz 21h41m38s
2. Al-Attihah +1h11m29s
3. Peterhansel +1h20m46s
4. De Villiers +1h20m54s
5. Ten Brinke +1h25m04s
6. Przygonski +2h19m02s
7. Prokop +8h38m36s

20. Hirvonen +4h12m00s